Useless Walter

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Gsang Stills

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Mueller Party im Gsang

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Urban capming

Lovely dinner with the "biennoise" and very convenient camping in front of their garage.
Lucky people we are.

Photo 2-1

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SUP avec les prof

Yesterday we did the famous Bienne-Nidau SUP tour with a very professional local.
It took us 1 hour 20. The record is 29 minutes though. But we are well impressed with shane. His hands are full of blisters but he did not complain and enjoyed it big time .

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big moment

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yB - Bavois 1:0 FT

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matchday in Bavois (cup)

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YB - Debrecen 3:1

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YB - Debrecen 2:1

Steffen 67"
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