Shane out and about with Eva

bwoy bwoy shane

Check the ear on the left... nice ;-)
Photo by Eva

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Best part of the game (for some)

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...the farm dog is nervous because of the thunder
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Baby bears

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Miriam with Shane

Miriam with Shane

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sarah and miriam

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a beastly day in the garden

creatures well today I had to fight quite some intruders. It started with these caterpillars which were about to eat all the calendula. It picked up a total 15 - I guess there is more. Then I discovered that some of the potatoes were full of larvae. Disgusting! To get a bit of a break I weeded. Some 100 thistles I took out. While watering the grass I disturbed a ant nest which they seemed to have built spontaneously under a pot - larvae's all over the place again... path the new path cloves cloves Img 2015 jungfer im grün roses the roses Img 2022-1
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How to create a gallery on freeflux

Mainly for ourselves, because we never remember how it goes, here's an instruction on how to create a gallery on freeflux accounts:

Best create a folder on your computer with the pictures you want to upload and zip it. The zip file must be no larger than 20 megabyte.

In your freeflux admin click on the "gallery" folder in the folder tree on the left, then on "create new gallery" in the right hand frame under "collection". Type the name you want for the gallery and the folder with this name will appear in the folder tree on the left.

Click on the folder just created and click on "upload multiple images in a zip" and choose your zipped pictures folder. The pictures will go to the folder you created and selected before.

Once your images appear in the folder in your folder tree, click on the image files and choose "Edit properties". Here you can add title, description and tags to your gallery pictures. Thats it.

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