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Thanks to Chregu we now have a real Tag Cloud. Now you can see what matters most in our life... interesting to say the least...! The smallest font size should be changed to a little more than 0.1 soon ;)

If you use Freeflux/Flux CMS and want a Tag Cloud too - see here for instructions.
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chregu @ 31.01.2007 15:45 CET
Fix for the small fontsize is almost ready :)
chregu @ 31.01.2007 17:00 CET
done :)
kev @ 31.01.2007 18:24 CET
Big! Thanks! Now I have to find a way to delete faulty and unwanted tags.
kev @ 31.01.2007 18:29 CET
Ok that was easy: correct the faulty blog posts... ehm.
kev @ 31.01.2007 19:26 CET
Hmm... some tags won't disappear even though there's no (visible) post.
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