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Sony Ericsson C905

The iPhone is a fantastic device: Innovation, great usability, great looks. Just the camera is no good, making phone calls isn't great and MMS doesn't really work. Plus there's no Bluetooth file sharing. Now I don't own a camera and I used to use my Cybershot Phone for taking pictures. After a few months with just the iPhone, I had to get back to a decent camera. I had been very happy with the k800i – and after a brief interlude with the not so cool k850i plus the iPhone, I'm now back to the latest Cybershot cam phone, the C905.

I'm very happy with it. I got a camera again (8 Megapixel), I got GPS, WiFi... all I need. The key's are not so hot and texting is slow, – never mind that. It's a comparatively large and heavy phone, but that's a plus for a very small camera, as it ads stability. It's a good looking device. The only real downside is, that there's no standard headphone socket, and to make it worse, the headset plugs in the side of the phone which makes it more bulky and awkward to put in your pocket. Also battery life is not too impressive, - lasts a day if you do more than just phone calls.

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My new camera comes with a phone

Got the Sony Ericsson k800i, a 3.2 mega pixel Cybershot Camera with a UMTS (3G) phone. It's a pretty cool device.


It has got a nice RSS reader pre-installed. The camera is similar to the one I loved in the K750, only at a 3.2 pix resolution. The phone is only slightly larger than the K750, put quite a bit lighter.
The screen is pretty large (240x320 pixel), text is very readable and the way you handle pictures is much advanced to previous camera-phones, with timeline view (day, week, month), list view, list view with icons... nice.

Connecting via USB to my Mac works without extra plugins to stop the Mac from freezing and the E-Mail setup is easy and works nicely. I'm very happy with this new toy. There is an OK browser installed, but as before, I recommend the excellent (and free) Opera Mini.
OS X 10.4.7 iSync doesn't work "out of the box" with this phone, but there's an easy to install third party iSync plugin available from mobile.feisar.com (thanks guys!).

The downsides are: the outside speaker is not so great (is excellent in the K750 - we used it as a modest boombox on the beach!), the battery life isn't great (probably that big bright screen...) and the M2 memory card is a Sony Ericsson proprietary format (I bought a SD micro card first which didn't fit of course) - this sucks. The 1Giga M2 micro card costs CHFr. 94.- as opposed to the CHFr. 70.- the 1Giga SD Micro costs. I only have it since a few days and I haven't tested the music player much, because I haven't got my 1Giga memory card yet (they're currently out of stock...). It plays MP3 and AAC files like the K750. Maybe I have more to say in a while.

Almost forgot what's one of the best feature for me: finally I can store a 1000 addresses on the phone memory, instead of the 500 or less I could get on my previous phones. It's a great relief, as I have about 750 addresses (god knows why - probably too lazy to tidy up my address book).

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